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Hey every one closed beta has ended, it has been a long beta for every one, closed beta 3 will be out in early november, if all goes well they will change CB3 into open beta and there will be no character wipe if there is no duping
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Closed Beta2 Ends / CB3 will begin

Hey everyone,

We will be closing the CB2 servers on Monday 10/26. There will be a transition period between CB2 and what is now known as Closed Beta 3. During this time we will be loading content onto the test server, and testing it.

Content will include:

  • Islands system finalization
  • Various Game Exploit Fixes

Our reasoning for entering into a closed beta 3 instead of continuing with CB2 is fairly simple. CB2 servers have been a breeding ground for duplication, and have been stagnating lately for various reasons.

We wish to start fresh, with new content, solid bug fixes and new characters.

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