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Quoted from Aeria Games Post: "You asked and we listened. After much hard work, we have convinced the developer of Turf Battles to reintroduce the game for Aeria Gamers. The game will be bigger and better than ever, with improvements in many areas. Our team is working hard to get ready and we will soon announce the Beta dates. Turf Battles fans, get ready to rumble! To convince the developer, we have to promise many players, so go and tell your friends to join us.

We will always try to get the best games for our members, so keep your suggestions coming!"


And with this I'm back full time of the Turf Battles' Guide and will try to help the staff of Aeria Games to get back the game we loved. Ladies and gentlemen, what we hoped for is back... Turf Battles is back and unde ... Read more »

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