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We've built the installer and are now giving it to the Turf Battles Game Sages tonight so they can access the CB server. Yay! Soon we'll also get some of the game sages from other games and the forum mods to hop in and take a look to ensure things seem stable. Tonight we're also sending everything to FileFront. Since it's going to take them a week to get things ready on their end, I'm going to see if there's a way for us to get some members who signed up for beta in before that, more details to come on that! We believe we got patching to work, but we're trying to find ways to optimize it better, so more investigation is needed. We're also looking at how we can clean up a little more of the localization since we noticed some issues with this build, but I'm not sure how soon we can get to that. Finally we're also hoping to get m ... Read more »
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Aeria Games has now begun the process of handing out clients to players chosen to be in the Closed Beta. Within the next week FileFront should have the client hosted and additional players will be given access to the game. Stay tuned for updates as this is where it gets real interesting!

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