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Added TurfBattles Guide From Aeria Website so it is easier to access from here xD come have fun xD see you ingame when it is back
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http://turfbattles.aeriagames.com googogogogogo closed beta signups are NOW!!!!
Quote (AndoSky)
The website is now live!
There is still more to be done with the content on the site. The development team has only sent us a portion of what they had because most of their resources have been going into translating the in-game tex ... Read more »
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The website is scheduled to be released sometime on Wednesday, assuming no last minute issues surface! The website URL will look something like this:
We now have our test server setup and have also just received our very first internal test client! This is very exciting for us, however it also means we have a lot more to do since there are a lot of little things that need to be fixed as you might imagine, esp ... Read more »
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