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CB3 Content list
Definitely in CB3

1. PVP Channel
2. Ability to see Party Members levels
3.Monster Experience Bonus has been changed (to be more beneficial)
4. Event Experience NPC is now in the game
5. Disabling Healing Gems of Spirit from being used in PVP
6. PK Point Halo system
7. Island System is 24 hours, and monsters have correct drops
8. All PVP penalties will occur from -200 to -255 honor points. (Players will only drop items against monsters when their name is pure red)
9. Darc Atak/Bomber King populations reduced by 50% on Islands
10. Bomber king NPC made non-aggro in the newbie zones
11. Players do not lose items when killed in Ladianes Civil war

Still in development

  • Suffering Spirit Cave exploit fix
    Islands system separate for each channel
    Biscupe Tournament Fix

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