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4:28 PM
Alot of work put into new forum design!.
The forum now has a better design and nicer feel to it, i have made it look more turfbattleish also i am now looking for new moderators, as i feel that my current team of moderators are not active enough.

All pages have the new design.
Online Games Module Added.
File Download module is back.
Removed a lot of sponsors.
Removed lots of other junk in the side menu.
Added Cheerleader Footers.

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4 Wong   [Entry]
I've just had shoulder suregry, but would like to train in this martial art. I have trained minimally in other styles, but like the functionality of this art. Quite frankly, I also like the idea of being able to train in a martial art as an older individual, and into later years. My recovery will take me into next year, but how would I contact someone about stopping by?Thank you.

3 Scott   [Entry]
kk will change that soon

2 _SoKoL_   [Entry]
Forum is not clear, I think you need to change font colour. As well as font colour in comments ;]

1 _SoKoL_   [Entry]
Website desing is good, I'll check forum now.

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